Fields of Rapeseed

Anyone who has driven in the countryside in the summer will have seen fields like this, and from a distance they look beautiful, but if you happen to be one of the unlucky one who suffer from hayfever, the chances are you will close your car windows, turn off your AC and get past them as quickly as possible.

Rapeseed pollen is one of the most potent ones for hayfever sufferers, but recently we have discovered another disadvantge to it. If you are alergic to the pollen of rapeseed, the odds are high that you will be alergic to Rapeseed Oil, the most commonly used oil in processed food. 

For most people the allergy is mild, but for the unfortunate few rapeseed oil is pure poison.  The syptoms are bad headaches, stomach problems and general malaise as the severity of these reactions depend on the degree of allergy, but they are cumulative.

Quite a lot of people who cut rapseed oil out of their diet feel healthier and I, personally think many people would benefit without it.

Rapeseed was originally poisonous and the oil was used for lamps and thelike but the grest “THEY’ say that the poison has been mutated out. 

I wonder!

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