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Nuremberg rally.

How many of these people later served as guards in the eugenic death camps?

Law for the prevention Hereditary Diseases in Posterity.

Two months after the Nazi seizure of power, the racial hygenists show their hand.

Human Hereditary Teaching and Racial Hygiene

Archive for Racial and Social Biology

The "high society" of racial hygiene: NSDAP and SS. Rüdin and his colleagues move in the best circles.

Sterilisation in Mainfranken in the years 1934-1936

One of the publications of the Racial-Political department of the NSDAP, headed by Rüdin's colleague Dr. A. Gütt.

Hitler Revisits his Former Prison

Behind him in the grey eminence Dr. Karl Brandt.

Transport Lists.

This is what the transport lists of T4 looked like.

Dr. Adolf Wahlmann,

Hadamar murder chief.

Hadamar Institution.

Front view of the Hadamar Institution. Quietly and Peacefully ...

Ward 1B, Hadamar Institution.

... they died here

The Killing Centres

The Medical Machine of Destruction

Based upon: Chart, signed by Dr. Karl Brandt, undated, No-645, and Taschenbuch für Verwaltungsbeamte, 1943, PS-3475. For a large, clear copy of this table click here.

Extermination Camp Treblinka.

T4 plan of a death camp. The buildings are situated in an efficient manner

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